VIND / personal, timeless, sustainable

Vind was founded in Oslo in 2017 and is today based between the two cities Stavanger and Sandefjord in Norway, run by sisters Oda and Sandra. Our backgrounds as a jeweler and product designer, and studies of outdoor leadership, culture and ecophilosophy combined sets the foundation for our goals and our inspiration to create. We aim to make solid, beautiful products that follow you through every single day. Our jewelry is designed to be modern, timeless and classic.

We are an intimate practice based on quality and durability, as well as personal and timeless designs. This follows us not only in our products, but in everything we do. In addition to carefully thought-out products that are created to last, we take customer service very seriously. We go to great lengths to meet our customers' needs, and inquiries about rework or tailor-made designs are always welcomed.

Our jewelry is handmade in house or cast in Norway, all made with a thorough look and quality materials. We continue to use recycled metals, and our stones and inlay materials are found domestically as far as possible. This is a continuous mission for us.