VIND is a Norwegian jewelry label. We specialize in gender neutral designs and all our pieces are made of solid sterling silver. The designs are inspired by Scandinavian style and carry a simplistic yet classical look.
Our passion to bring beautiful pieces to the everyday man and woman is what drives Vind and serves as the core value of the company.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you how Vind was born. The story began on a bright and sunny day in spring 2017. Three friends sat down at coffee shop at Grünerløkka in Oslo, mapping out ideas on a napkin that would soon become the foundation of the company. This napkin has drawings of our first ideas and our super cool logo that we are very proud of.

Inspired by this vividly artistic and creative-looking napkin we sat things in motion and before we knew it, our ideas had come to life.

Any organization should have some core values, and so we agreed on some that we hold close to our hearts:

Customer Oriented: We will do our outmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We are vigorously engaged in our field and will ensure that the customers' needs are met. Vind's customers shall always feel respected and understood.

Professionalism: We take full responsibility for delivering products of high quality. We aim to ensure an environment of trust and predictability for our customers and staff.

Flexibility: We will go out and beyond when necessary in order to fulfil our promise to our customer.

Ambition: We dare to set ambitious goals and maintain a positive "can-do" attitude. We strive to always improve professionally and learn something new every day.

Respect: We value all people! We recognise and appreciate our differences. Vind realises that our differences contribute to a richer environment.


All our products go through quality assurance in Norway. Our goldsmith checks that the pieces are flawless and gives it a final polish to ensure a shiny surface.