We understand that buying jewelry online may be a bit confusing (and perhaps scary). After all, it is harder to remember the size of multiple fingers than your waist, right? 

Keep in mind that if you get the size wrong Vind offers a free exchange within 60 days of purchase.*

Seeing how we are a Norwegian brand, our sizes are also following the Norwegian standard. If you are not accustomed to the Norwegian measures fear not, we will explain.

In Norway the size of the ring is just the circumference of your finger in millimeters. We hope to make the sizing issue easier for you by providing a few tips:

1. The first and most recommended method to find your size is to stop by a jewelry store. We know for a fact that they won't mind measuring your finger with an appropriate measuring tool. 

2. Tie a string around your finger. Make sure you can get it on and off. Then measure the string and you will know your size. Note that a string is quite different from a solid silver ring, so you should be careful with this method.

3. If you know your size in a different format, make a quick google search for a size conversion. Find your size and check out how many millimeters the circumference is. 





* If you live outside Norway, Vind does not cover shipping charges for returned or exchanged items.