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349,00 kr

If you would like one of your Vind products engraved, add Engraving to your cart and complete the purchase. When we review your order we will contact you personally to ensure you get the perfect engraving. 

The picture is for illustratory purposes. You can engrave your product any way you like. We will provide you with available fonts per email. If you have special requests for your engraving we would be happy to accomodate to the best of our ability. 

If you would like more than one product engraved, add a number of “Engraving” to your cart correspondent with the number of products you would like engraved. 

Should you decide to not get an engraving on your product after all, we will refund the prepaid amount.

If you have any questions, or would like a price estimate for your engraving, contact us at 

We would also like to remind you that engraved products are exempted from the return policy.

OBS! Angreretten er ikke gjeldende for graverte produkter.